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First prize victory competition Be at a loss Think climb Go up Phone support Telephone support Telephone reception Face wash Toilet lift medicine sick Drug dependence cold Chemicals recovery energy 3 choices Choice course Ask yourself truth name Press Choose forcibly resistance laptop What to look for a circle and a cross Yes no A and B 1 and 2 support Step on lift Cooperation stop stop sucker punch Impossible Push up Hold down balance ball diet Carry delivery get caught Takeover crush attacked escape Huge Danger be killed enemy Desperate Alarm clock | loud sound | noisy Inform | Clock | Resonate Encourage | Get in touch | Use your strength Cheer up | listen | other suggestions Sad friend | depressed | at a loss Fail | cry | not motivated Pile of papers | Lots of problems | Reports Lots of contacts | Complaint reporting | Important documents Pile of problems | Unsolvable deals | Darkness Hardships | Successive failures | Worst case Drink beer all at once | Alcohol | Draft beer People who are strong in alcohol | Drink draft beer | Delicious sake Mavericks | Uncoordinated | People who like to stand out Conspicuous | Finding a circle | People who can't stay still Funny people | People who are in good shape | Can't be together Find out the amount | Lots of gold nuggets | Gold price Forex | Dollar | Forex Yen exchange rate | Be cautious | Examine future trends Defend | Hide | Run away and hide Frightened | Seeing from a distance | Hiding in a fence Step on the enemy | Defeat | Thorough Suffering opponent | Hurting the enemy | Trampling Attacking people | Crying people | Violent people Applause welcomes | Wins | Runs Blessed by a colleague | Rejoice | Applause Guts pose while running | Moment of delight Come back first | Win the championship | Cutlet in the game People who dislike | No motivation | No power Tired people | Tough people | Bad people Care-grilled | Support | Push your back Swords and magic | fantasy world | fight Shields and swords | Attack | Defense Drowning person | Struggling person | Help people | Help people | Pinch Stunned person | Kneeling | Looking at both hands Stunned | Fall down | Think People who play with virtual reality | Play games VR first experience | Surprised people | Enjoy People who got drunk in VR | Fall down | Hands VR | People who fall too real | Play games