A person who walks straight A person walking toward a goal Paper and pen I can't think of any ideas Homework unmotivated Events that are too regrettable It became a bowling pin Hit a bowling ball Bowling is approaching the ball Go up the secret stairs Climb the secret stairs A person who slips and falls The person who fell into the pond The person who got the neck Hustle A person who is worried about holding his head A scared person whose bomb explodes I can't escape from fear. The person who catches love The person who makes money People whose love goes away, people who chase Thinker Unique person A person who surprises friends, a stunning success Having a heavy object makes me sick Breaking the waist Cause of holding a heavy object Raise your hand and respond to the cheers Person called for the award ceremony A person who jumps big People who fly cheerfully Award-winning great person A weak businessman Office worker whose work was fired A businessman whose company went bankrupt Person to select Person to select person Choose one from three Office worker or freelance? Which one to choose Employee or self-employed? Which is better? Company work freelance life Full-time employee, self-employed, which is more profitable A person who smokes cigarettes and throws away cigarette butts The person who makes the start The person who finishes Buy exchange yen Buy dollar exchange rate Person who changes direction A person who blames others People who are surprised at the dead end This is incorrect This is the correct answer Fishing people with money Woman gets angry Women are sharp Female vs male Man vs woman Battle between woman and man A man kicking a key point A woman making a sneak attack Pushing things against each other I hate dangerous goods I don't understand the meaning and refrain from doing so Those who win the game, those who are jealous Victory person, regrettable person I will introduce this person cheerfully Study AI technology Examine AI technology Think about AI Human brain and AI technology About the human brain Sales performance drops panic Special person Catch insects Don't miss a chance Catch the target prey Catch the future Unstable situation Start anyway Rush towards success Train your muscles Train your abs Please read the bulletin board Autonomous driving makes it easier Go drive by self-driving Someone who has super power Foster artificial intelligence Take a nap Get sleep Arbitrate fights An angry person and a blurred person I have something unpleasant and sleep Mental illness, just lie down Enter the casket The dead are resurrected Died Manzai Participate in a comic contest Doing the same thing all the time I don't know which way to go Find treasure Make a lot of money Thinking on the bridge