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Handshake Earth Businessman Attendance Go to work From Japan to the world From America to the World From Europe to the world From China to the world From Korea to the world Business negotiation closed Business around Overseas expansion a working woman Business woman skyscraper office Street Buildings Business district Urban Sales performance goes up Top grade Top sales Top career woman results Business woman sales results the Internet File documents Email icon community network building skyscraper office building Business building Company Walk well Working career woman The contract is settled Contract conclusion Working career woman Tokyo base Osaka base Nagoya base Kyushu base Hokkaido base Nice to meet you handshake Welcome Welcome Receptionist Reception desk woman President's chair Advancement competition Aim for the next president way to proceed The crossroads of life Get lost Three parties Advancement course Salesman Office worker Corporate alliance Acquisition Company acquisition Absorption-type merger Merged company Corporate sales brokerage Acquisition Company on hand Palm company Company merger Danced on the hands exchange rate Yen appreciation and dollar depreciation Yen depreciation and dollar appreciation lb Yen appreciation and pound depreciation Yen depreciation and pound sterling Euro Yen appreciation and euro depreciation Yen depreciation and euro appreciation Balance US dollar euro exchange rate Unstable exchange rate skyscraper office building Business district Global world network the Internet world map Net terminal Tablet Tablet PC Office workers lined up in a row Corporate warrior Career women lined up Elite employee Global expansion Looking to the world