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confusion Currency stability Friend communication community modern society Companionship conference room Long table Information session Make a presentation Seminar In a meeting meeting Information session presentation Product introduction study group presentation Company information session Meeting presentation Classroom Class class Opportunity discussion Morning assembly Alignment leadership Communicate Teamwork Company man 5 leaders Business bag Restructuring employee Leave the company Goodbye Be decapitated Restructuring sentence Dismissal Dogeza apologize sorry I'm sorry Business negotiations are closed Office worker shaking hands Businessman shaking hands Male handshake First face-to-face handshake Thank you handshake Farewell handshake The power of one person Competent employee Excellent businessman Hold a deal Think about global expansion Global expansion Word of mouth Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Exchange of opinions Tweet your impressions Tweet your opinion Tweet posting Tired salaryman Businessman resting in the park Wasted office worker Exhausted office worker Office worker lying down and sleeping Barker Bargain megaphone Cheering of friends megaphone Loudspeaker shout out Give a business card Present a business card Business card exchange Exchange business card Business card exchange office worker Back face Unscrupulous merchant The other me Evil heart grows Give instructions to subordinates | Carry in Carrying in | Carrying luggage Luggage | Carrying in | Purchasing Inventory pile | Debt Warehouse | Inventory | Goods Sales | Warehouse | Purchasing Inventory | Debt | Collapse Debt | Panic | Support Employee | Warehouse | Goods Workers | Employees | Warehouse Attendance | Warehouse | Storage Company | Attendance Storage | Management | Company