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flying Start Athletics practice Strict training Do your best and run Run the track Run at high speed runner Believe in victory and run Running training Twilight practice snow board Glide through the snowy mountains Snowboarder Jump to tomorrow Football dribble Soccer shoot Kick the ball Overhead kick Score a goal Soccer overhead kick Soccer player Player soccer Soccer ground Goal net soccer ball PK Corner kick keeper Soccer match Defend the goal Play the ball Goalkeeper Defend a soccer goal Soccer game Penalty shootout Aim for the goal Enter the penalty shootout Settle Decide a shot Score a goal final battle Goal net Soccer kick Shoot soccer Soccer practice Practice athlete Soccer fan Towards the goal Decide a shot Dusk soccer The ball enters Giant soccer ball Big ball Lots of soccer balls 11 balls One ball Ball soccer Blue sky soccer Soccer sky soccer ball Ball soccer Dark soccer ball Yellow shining ball Dedicated to the ball Decide a shot Soccer player Stopwatch Time Land time Shorten the time Land time swimming Competitive swimming Jump into the start Start swimming Jump into the pool Swimming practice Before the start diving board Swimming match 5 players Wait for the start Twilight practice Practice alone tennis Tennis player Hit a tennis ball Hit the ball back Intense rally Hit back with a racket Athletes tennis Blue sky tennis smash Hit the smash Tennis match tennis racket Tennis game Tennis player