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Winning cup Trophy to win Receive the trophy First victory First prize Impressive victory Boxing champion volleyball White ball Lots of balls Volleyball practice Volleyball court Volleyball court Block attack Decide the attack Valley attack Blue sky volleyball Block with two people Hit the attack Volleyball player Pick up the ball Volleyball defense Water polo Underwater martial arts Weightlifting Weightlifting lift barbell Pommel horse Gymnast Kurama Support your body with only your arms Gymnastics equipment kick Kicking technique front kick Kickboxing Kick practice Martial arts martial arts punch straight Tsuki Boxing match Fist Fight Boxing style Punch game Settle Hit each other Fighting style Karate training Straight punch Fist practice blow Martial arts practice boxer One-shot deadly Martial arts training Rhythmic gymnastics ring acting Gymnast hoop marathon runner Keep running Match marathon Practice marathon Overtake catch up Two runners Marathon training Marathon competition Anchor showdown Last spurt Competing runners Early morning marathon Winner Victory runner Cut the goal tape Beat rivals Marathon olympic Moment of goal Set a new record Marathon first prize Beat rivals Gymnast Gymnastics pose Acting gymnastics somersault Floor gymnastics Somersault floor somersault Gymnast Gymnastics horizontal bar Horizontal bar Gymnast