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boxing Boxing ring Boxing fight Boxing / gong Boxing / Match badminton Badminton / Smash trampoline Trampoline / fly Bouncing / trampoline Trampoline / play horse riding Riding club Horseback riding / riding Competition / horseback riding Red card Referee / Soccer Ring Gymnastics / Rings Rings Gymnast Swimming / diving platform Start / Diving Platform batter Batter / baseball Enter the turn at bat Baseball / hit Cycling Competition / bicycle bodybuilder bodybuilding Bowling Throw a ball Canoe Competition / canoeing Kayak dance Performer dance dancer Springboard diving Competition / Dive Diving / Player Dive Diving / competition American Football Player / American football Football / running Football / helmet golf swing Golf / Shot Driver shot Green / golf Putter / green Putter shot Putter golf Putter / golf ice skate Player / ice skating Skating / sliding Competition / ice skating Ice skating / practice Mountain bike Steep climb / mountain bike relay Competition / relay Button / delivery Relay competition anchor skateboard Skateboarding Skiing Slip / ski snow board Jump / snowboard Snowboarder Slip / snowboard Snowboard Football Soccer and ball Goalkeeper Goalkeeper / soccer Goal net Defend / Soccer Dribble / soccer Receive a pass / soccer Brilliant dribble Attack soccer Attack Dribble breakthrough Feint / Soccer Give a pass / soccer Shoot / soccer Middle shoot Kick the ball Soccer / shoot Dribble soccer Shoot Penalty shootout / soccer