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Soccer / penalty shootout PK / Soccer Goalkeeper / 1 to 1 start Track and field athlete 100m run Stopwatch Time / Land crawl Swimmers Swimming / crawl Tennis referee Referee Referee / Tennis tennis racket Tennis player Gymnastics / Pommel Horse Pommel horse strength training Strength up Ice hockey Player / Ice Hockey Match / Ice Hockey archery Bow and arrow Archery / target Arrow / archery curling Curling stone Competition / curling Curling player Curling stone / throw Match / curling basketball Shoot / basketball Basketball player Dribble / basketball Match / Basketball Basketball / dribble Ball games / basketball Dunk shoot Dunk shoot / basketball Goal post / basketball Goal post / dunk shoot Basketball / goal post synchronized swimming Synchro player Acting / Synchronized Swimming Synchro team Synchro / acting Competition / Synchronized Swimming Stadium Stadium Taekwondo Match / Taekwondo Taekwondo player Competition / Taekwondo Dodgeball Ball games / dodgeball Dodgeball player Hit the ball butterfly Swimming / butterfly Swimming / butterfly Volleyball / receive Receive / Volleyball Volleyball player Serve / Volleyball Volleyball / serve Volleyball / Attack Attack / Volleyball Pole vault Pole / pole vault Pole vaulter Competition / Pole Vault Pole vault Hammer throw Hammer throw / training Hammer thrower Competition / hammer throw Volleyball / receive Volleyball player Take the ball / valley Ball games / volleyball Jump receive Competition / air pistol Air pistol player Air pistol fencing Fencing player wrestling Wrestling competition Wrestler Match / wrestling Horizontal bar Gymnastics / horizontal bar Technique / horizontal bar Gymnast Horizontal bar player