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Gymnastics / floor Floor exercise Competition / floor Yuka / Gymnastics Gymnastics Table tennis player Table tennis Table tennis table Rifle shooting Competition / shooting Shooting / rifle Olympic Games / Shooting Breaststroke Swimmers Rhythmic gymnastics / ball Rhythmic gymnastics Ball / acting Rhythmic gymnastics / ribbon Ribbon / gymnastics Hoop / ring Rhythmic gymnast Hoop / gymnastics Wheel / Gymnastics Wheel / Rhythmic Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics / Club Club Club / Gymnastics Acting / Konbo Brilliant acting Seoi-nage judo Seoi-nage One win Judo / Ippon Judo player Judo / Ippon seoi Competition / Judo Judo / Tomoe nage 12 Overhead throw in judo Judo player Javelin throw Javelin Javelin throw competition Javelin thrower Water polo Water polo player karate Kenpo martial arts Karate player Karate match Karate club Training / karate Skipping rope Flying Exercise / diet Jump rope Backstroke Backstroke / swimming Swimming / backstroke to win Long jump Hashiri Habatobi Athletics / Jumping Competition / long jump Ability to jump far Competition / long jump Gymnastics / Vault Vault event Competition / vault Vaulter Vault / Gymnastics Acting / Vault Gymnast Competition / vault Weightlifting Weightlifting Head sliding Baseball / head sliding Baseball / defense Baseball / catching Dive Water landing Dive hurdle Land / hurdle 110m hurdles Track and field athlete Hurdler High jump Land / high jump High jump player Jumping competition / high jumping Baseball | Batter | Pitcher Baseball | Batter | Pitcher Baseball | Batter | Pitcher Baseball | Batter | Pitcher Baseball | Batter | Pitcher Baseball | Batter | Pitcher