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Workers at construction sites | Workers | Construction sites Good friends | Balloons | Going to play | Boys | Girls Dad and kids play | Dad to be a horse | Holidays Newspaper readers | News | Flyer readers Kids Happy at Birthday Party | Cakes | Presents Toast at a tavern | Drink beer | Alcohol Bored person | Lying person | Vague Take your breath | Smell a little | Worry Bounce a child on a bicycle | Bicycle accident | Dangerous driving Receive valuable things | Give things to people | Thank you A person standing with a flag | Flag | Mark Dad doing housework | Ikumen | Cooking Busy courier brother | Carrying luggage | Delivering Go to a convenience store in the middle of the night | 24-hour shop | Midnight Give a speech | Lecture | Press conference Baby and Dad | People Cradling Babies | Toddlers A person who speaks to an old woman | Being kind to the elderly | Elderly DJ with music | Disco | Club Leaky house | Put a bucket | Old house Water falls from the ceiling | Caused by people upstairs | Complaints Cleaner | Clean | Clean Meet a robber | Raise your hand with a knife | Swing a knife Exhilarating awakening | Awakening | Early morning Sit on the toilet and smoke | Cigarette in the toilet | Break time Smoking a cigarette at a break | Favorite cigarette | Cigarette in a private room Angel | Death | Climb to heaven Meet the dead | See the dead | The dead Reflect yourself in the mirror | Check your proportions | Before dating Check your smartphone's email in the bathroom | Depress your email in the bathroom Check your appearance with a hand mirror | Check your nose hair | Make up Hurt the person you don't like | Bully the person | Measuring blood pressure | I'm sick | Daily routine Elderly deaf | Speak loudly | What? Is heard back Check your appointments on the calendar | Look forward to your date | Schedule Lower back hurts | Lower back massage | Body hurts Cheerful baby | Rejoicing mother | One-sided talker | quarrel | excited person Say hello to your cat | Call your pet | Ignored Injuring a girl | Bicycle accident | Too much speed Drink coffee at a cafe | Shops near the office | Lunch break Buy a lot of food | Buy too much and get into trouble | Preparing dinner Tinnitus | My ears hurt | I hear strangely Detective is investigating | Incident | Investigating Run into the bathroom | Peeing | Get up in the middle of the night Panic on lots of paperwork | Mountain of work | Lots of complaints Woman cleaning the toilet | Dirty toilet bowl | Poop sticks Unclogging the toilet | Rubber cup | Water flow | Pakkon | Soft-shelled turtle | Shupo Shupo Girls playing with cats | Kids playing with pets | Domestic cats Smelly toilet | Dirty toilet bowl | Hold your nose with a strong scent Suddenly my mother in the room | I was watching a video | I was surprised The best businessman | Top sales | Elite employees Boy catching insects | Summer vacation | Cicadas Kick a person from behind | Violent person | Falling person Train your abs | Trainer | Retract your abdomen A pile of documents | I can't go home because of overtime today | It's too painful My knees hurt and I can't climb the stairs | My knees hurt | Jin Jin hurts Moving worker's older brother | Moving service | Carrying luggage Cashier's sister | Supermarket cashier | Go to checkout Up-and-coming businessman | A steadily growing office worker | Motivation explosion Brothers suddenly in the room | Close the laptop | Surprised A person who apologizes | Sit down and apologize | Make a big mistake at work Illuminate the darkness with a flashlight | Look around | Explore Mother and child meet rockfall | Natural disaster | Accident Investigate | Investigate | Observer Forget about yourself | I don't know anything | Memory loss Delivering goods | Postal workers | Delivery Delivering large packages | Takkyubin | Delivery staff Shoulder hurts | Shoulder hurts | Body I have a headache | I have a headache | People who sit down and use a computer | My room | Free time Apologize to my lover | An angry woman | Put on clothes | Buy new clothes | Tomorrow's date outfit Businessmen who are happy to be promoted | Successful business negotiations | Increase sales I don't know if it's correct or incorrect | Marubatsu problem | Quiz You can take pictures with your smartphone without permission | Hide your face | Rude person | Camera Things fall from the sky | Construction site | Danger Meet heavy rain | Run in a sucking | Guerrilla rainstorm Voters | Election Day | Important Vote Person counting votes | Knowing voting results | Counting votes A girl running away from a suspicious person | Running away from a suspicious person | A stranger calls out Parents striking children | Frightened girls | Violent adults A person who loses the game and regrets | A person who laughs loudly | Hits the ground and regrets Ring crackers | Party People | Birthdays | Celebration Garbage hunter | Suspicious person | Examine the trash can Factory Workers | Industry | Machinery Drunk and fluttering | Old man with a bottle | Drunk Put products on shelves | Lots of stock | Inventory People who use hot springs | People who use bathtubs | It feels good Adults wielding violence | Crying children | Father stroking boys A person who hides from a criminal | Hides under a desk | Dangerous condition People coming down with a parachute | Sky | Flying Get Big Money | Forex | FX | Dollar A woman who slips and falls | An accident occurs | Attention Pushed by a person and fall | An incident occurs | Danger Welding Factory | Workers | Industry Watering gardening karaoke Reading Vacuum Walk with children