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Winner Trophy Winning 3D characters 3D character of bond Bonds and people 3D character of bond 3D character of food Food and plates Food feast Thunder 3D character of lightning Lightning strikes 3D character of lucky bag Lucky bag and paper bag Fukubukuro Lots of lucky bags gold medal Gold medal 3D characters Gold medal three-dimensional character Play a gold medal Sports day 3D characters of athletic meet Admission to the Red Group and the White Group-Athletic meet White hat and red hat-athletic meet Power saving Switch off diligently-power saving Women's Association Girls' Association 3D Girls' Association-Three-dimensional characters Girls' Association ―― 3 people Thank you Thank you three-dimensional character Thank you 100 people friend 100 friends Hold hands with friends Friends-three-dimensional characters New Year's 3D characters New Year-three-dimensional characters New Year-Sunrise Summer gift Midyear gifts and gifts Children's day Lots of kids Three-dimensional characters for Children's Day Valentine's day Valentine's day and heart Chocolate gifts and Valentine's Day 3D characters for mother's day Mother's day and mom 3D characters of the rainy season Rain clouds and rainy season Rainy season and puddle Father's three-dimensional character Father-People 3D characters of love Love and heart Love-marriage Three-dimensional characters of sports Sports and victory cup Summer vacation Summer vacation-sea-beach umbrellas Summer vacation-Floating ring-Beach ball Summer vacation-sandy beach 3D characters of autumn leaves Autumn leaves and leaves Lots of autumn leaves Japanese three-dimensional characters Japanese archipelago Map of Japan Japan-Archipelago 3D Japan surrounded by the sea mother Mother's three-dimensional character winter Snowy mountains-winter Winter night Yellow letters-winter Spring Summer Autumn Winter 3D characters for spring, summer, autumn and winter Festival three-dimensional characters Festival 3D characters Child Ox Tiger Rabbit Tatsu Snake Horse Not yet Monkey Rooster Dog 亥 Year-end gift Year-end gift-gift rice Rice and bowl Bowl and chopsticks Olympic