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Olympic 3D characters Olympic ring Olympic three-dimensional characters Torch and Olympic ring Gold medal and Olympic ring Olympic letters and gold medals Gift three-dimensional characters Presents and gift letters Christmas three-dimensional characters Christmas bell Christmas 3D letters and bells It snows on Christmas 3D characters for Golden Week Golden Week and family trip Golden Week 3D characters and airplane Soccer 3D characters Soccer 3D characters and balls Soccer goal and ball Soccer 3D characters and trophies 3D characters for gifts Present 3D characters and gifts White day 3D characters White day 3D letters and heart marks evil Evil 3D characters Evil character flame musics Treble clef and musical characters Sign --sharp --treble clef Tanabata accident Samurai three-dimensional character samurai Samurai 3D characters New Year's Day 3D characters New Year's Day letters and sunrise Victory 3D characters Victory letters and victory cups Trophy and victory 3D characters Passed 3D characters Pass-Maru Passing letters and cherry blossoms Pass-Ema Complete Kotobuki 3D character of longevity Three-dimensional character of Kotobuki Desired three-dimensional character Desired 3D character Hope Aya's 3D characters Aya 3D characters and rainbow colors Aya 3D character of the heart Heart and heart symbol Heart and heart Respect for the aged day New semester New Year spring spring vacation 3D characters of cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms and petals Cherry tree disaster autumn Sky 3D characters blue sky Dusk sky Lol Liquor Beer-Sake Wine-Sake Sake Money Gold nugget-gold letters Gold letters-gold nuggets soul Entrance ceremony Parents and children-entrance ceremony Under the cherry tree Scattering cherry blossoms-entrance ceremony cold Cold three-dimensional characters sum Dream 3D characters Rainbow-colored dream Treasure three-dimensional character Treasure chest and treasure letters Treasure Chest Year-end party Travel 3D characters Airplane and travel Family trip wood Wooden box Three-dimensional characters of wood ice Ice block