Illustrations that can be used with confidence even for free.

Commercial use OK. Illustrations that can be used for work.

People-speak Speech bubble Issue a red card warning Issue a red card Jigsaw puzzle assemble Fall into a hole People fall Fall into a hole diving board Competition / Dive Moment of tension 1% Unlikely Become number one to win take a bath Take a bath ride a bicycle bicycle Riding a bicycle Cycling / exercise Businessman Go to work Commuting / Office worker Head to business Sit in a chair have an interview Person sitting in a chair Who to check Confirm Achieve Cloud rider Fast ride Fictitious vehicle compass Check the direction Conductor musician orchestra The person who opens the door Enter the house Enter the room Open / door The person who locks Door lock Cross shoulders Close friend Join hands to cooperate High five Standing person Human Have luggage Have Moving work Carry luggage home Owned house Sleep on the couch laid back Jump jump over Breakthrough Couple kiss to kiss propose Courtship Confession of love Detective Use a magnifying glass Find clues to receive a letter Mailbox See the newspaper Read the article newspaper Read the news See the morning edition Write with a pencil pencil People who run People in a hurry shopping Buy goods I'm looking forward to the lucky bag Shopping at the supermarket Shopping cart to shop Press the shopping cart Sleep in bed sleep Good sleep Go up the stairs Stairs Climb the stairs Successive steps stop