Illustrations that can be used with confidence even for free.

Commercial use OK. Illustrations that can be used for work.

A person who spreads his hand Flying person Super superman Put on the cloak Hero Cartoon hero Superman Pee Use the tray Add urine travel Travelers and bags Travel to win Become the best walk People for a walk Walker Carry a book Organize books Bullying Weak bullying Kick Bully cry to bow Greet Thank you Get out of balance I'm about to fall Drunk Guts pose Cry of delight Sleep on the couch People and sofa Lying on the couch Relax in the room Those who regret Hands behind the head Apologize Dogeza Falling person People who stumble on things A person who falls Who asks Apologize Dogeza Apologize to each other Two people bowing their heads Powerful Lift things Difference in ability Difference in power Difference in case People who give up A person who is out of focus A person taking a nap Napping I don't feel like doing anything Player oath Candidate Glaring Don't take a step from each other Big jump Raise your hand and rejoice Exclamation Mark problem solving Inspire The person who signs the circle OK mark Waiting Lethargic person Sleep Part-time job at the cash register Convenience store staff Accounting capacity escalator karaoke The person who sings the song singer Sing enthusiastically Flying kick kick Fighter Angry person Kick a person Kick the ball The person who throws away the trash Throw trash in the trash Park wastebasket Garbage collection Cleaning staff Garbage collection Gymnastics Big jump engineer Mechanic Repairman Sit on the couch Stargazing