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Sphere | Ball Sphere | Round Concatenation-Consolidation Color cone Road cone | Pylon Triangle Cone-Rubber Cone Candles | Candles Candle Light-flame Fire / light / illuminate paper bag Shopping bag Fukuro | Bag Helmet Protective cap Stack | Helmet Chair chair Round chair smartphone Multi-function mobile phone Mobile | Mobile High-performance mobile phone Drum Large | Can Drum can bar graph Sales Trends | Sales Business results | Graph Gold Egg | Gold Egg Books | Books Dictionary | Dictionary library Bookworm Arrow | Direction of travel Direction-Arrow Erlenmeyer flask flask Chemical experiment | Erlenmeyer flask bomb Bomb Manga style | Bakudan Fuse-Bomb button Round button Clothes | Button Glass bottle Container | Glass Storage bottle light bulb Electricity | Light source Incandescent light bulb Glass-sphere palette paints Brush | Paint Palette ―― Brush ―― Paint battery Batteries Electricity | Energy Alignment | People One heart mutual help Gears | Gears Structure | Organization Design-Program block paint paint Paint | Paint Candle light Candle Flame | Light Car | Car Light car Present | Ribbon Gifts | Gifts Paint roller Roller for painting Paint 5 colors LED bulb Lighting equipment | Light bulb Light-Bulb Light bulb | LED Frog frog Frog | Kerokero Jigsaw puzzle Peace | Jigsaw puzzle Puzzle pieces Puzzle-Puzzle Round bottom flask Glass container Flat bottom flask Exchange | 3D characters 3D characters | currency exchange | currency Triangle | Solid Rainbow | Rainbow Blue sky | Rainbow