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Alarm clock Wall clock Apple House soccer ball Christmas tree High heels pot button Earth crown crown rocket Spaceship bomb dynamite button Blue switch Green button hourglass Winning cup Winning trophy Dice Arcade stick Game controller Game center Drum Hazardous Material Bell Christmas bell Gamepad game machine Game set Star Blue star Asterisk Diamond Clover spade Heart symbol gold medal silver medal bronze medal key Treasure Chest 1 gold 10 gold 50 gold 100 gold ring browser Roster game Email Social network news Setting key map Cloud reading Wifi Antivirus message TV set camera musics Phone / call RSS movie shopping Tweet weather Search calculator Database Travel Encyclopedia alarm Time measurement United States-flag Canada-flag Brazil-national flag Australia-national flag Egypt-national flag People's Republic of China-Flag Jamaica-national flag Indonesia-flag Malaysia-flag Singapore-flag France-flag Germany-flag Italy-flag Japan-national flag Cameroon-national flag India-flag Republic of Korea-National flag Myanmar-Flag Philippines-national flag Vietnam-flag