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Kettle teapot teacup Cup Water bottle Knife | Spoon spoon Fork | Tableware Kitchen knife Chopsticks | Hashi Weight scale Scales | Measuring tools Weight scale hand mirror Full-length mirror | Mirror Note Note Scissors cutter pencil Nori magnifying glass magnifying glass Pushpin Pushpin paints palette Brush Fude | Brush Sun | weather Star | Smile Mon | Weather Clouds | weather Teru Teru Bozu | Sunny snowman Lightning | Lightning Game | Controller Piece boomerang balloon balloon Toilet | Restroom Toilet bowl | Japanese style Toilet bowl | Western style Toilet Paper Pipe | Tobacco Match ashtray Candle | Flame Candle | Light Digestive organ fire hydrant fire hydrant key Lock safe Lock | Lock Lock | Open signal line Tricorn hat | Color cone Coin locker scoop note Triangle Video cassette Bell | Bell Megaphone | Loudspeaker Kakashi Medal thermometer spray doghouse Ikari | Ship Sword | Knife Helmet Food | Pets tire Clothespin clothes hanger clothes hanger Tissue paper Tissue paper Fan | Fan Fan | Fan letter letter Wind chimes Folding fan Lantern Flag | Japan Telephone booth CD | DVD Shrine | Torii Amulet Bench | Chair Swing | Park magnet telescope binoculars