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Rice | White rice rice ball Nori | Nori Bread Plain bread banana Cherry Apple watermelon Mandarin | Orange Candy | Candy Ice cream | Soft serve Sweets | Snacks Ice cream | Soft candy Shortcake | Strawberries Carrots | Carrots Eggplant | Eggplant Cucumber | Cucumber Potatoes | Potatoes Radish | Radish Cup | Water Juice | Straw cup juice Cocktail | Wine Cats | Animals Pig | Animal Cow | Animal Rabbit | Animal Bear | Animal Little bird bird swan bird Chicken | Chicken fish Fugu | Kawabuta shark Sharks | Fish Medaka Beetle | Insect Ladybug | Insect snails 蠅 | Flies Cockroaches | Pests Car | Car Car | Light car truck Tram Car | Car ship Yacht tanker Ship | Small ship Ship | Fishing boat TV | Monitor refrigerator Video player DVD equipment Cassette player Stereo | Component printer oven Vacuum cleaner Washing machine | Dryer Video camera Shave | Shaver Stove | Heating rice cooker DVD player mobile phone Mobile Phone | Feature Phone Feature phone smartphone Mobile phone Phone phone FAX | Fax Black phone Mobile | Phone light bulb Fluorescent light flashlight Electricity | Light bulb Fluorescent light Watches Table clock Alarm Clock Wall clock Stopwatch PC | PC mouse printer Scanner Digital camera Nori Scissors | Stationery ruler protractor compass