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Working person skill up People who do their best Woman-salesman Company management leans Company gear Partner Company attendance Sales percentage Use your head Run around the world Business delivery Work all night start up a company Overseas companies No. 1 in sales Company compliant Project success New product conference meeting Take the best Business bargaining Overseas expansion Scolded by my boss Strategy meeting Advancement competition Business slump Meet restructuring All over Japan Take a break after work Drawing room Part of the gear I don't understand the meaning thinking Charging completed President's chair Around the world Freelance In-house romance Disposable employee desk work Money or love Transfer overseas Work without holidays Karaoke tournament Surely step by step Increase profit 24-hour work Press the time card President's secretary Company management Company management Go to work The boss who says Gamigami Email from the company Make a copy Dollar and yen Doze at work Female boss Work with muffled sexual harassment Speak Telephone support Work until late at night Complaint handling Ideas Take a class Male and female salesman Business negotiations are closed Take a chance Transfer overseas Japanese market Part of the company Product information session Factory work Forget important documents Company management leans Recommend people Reception work Order from female boss Carry luggage Tied to a mobile phone Pointed out by the boss Contact by mobile Female employee Break out of one's shell World market world map From Japan to the world Look to the world Japan Tokyo Osaka sales office Nagoya Branch Office worker who works hard Company management is difficult Win a career advancement game Turn the gear Supporting incompetent employees Ability improves Rejoice in your career