Illustrations that can be used with confidence even for free.

Commercial use OK. Illustrations that can be used for work.

Last place. Work competition. Difference in ability The effects of coronavirus. Crisis of company management. Lose a job. The boss declares a dismissal. Retirement is recommended. Conversation with the boss. There is no place in the company. Gently exit from the exit. Leave the company. Confront the coronavirus. Face the difficulties. Defend with a shield. Receive a notice of dismissal from the company. Become unemployed. I'm at a loss. A businessman who falls into the abyss. The worst happens. Disposable employee. Dismiss incompetent employees. Treated like garbage. Gently leave the company. I lose my job. Run away from the door. A person who kills time in the park. A businessman who has nothing to do. Find a job every day. The result of the interview. The interview fails. Fall into the interview. Treated as incompetent. Employees abandoned. Power harassment company. An unmotivated businessman. Lose a job. A person who is at a loss. Go for an interview. Many rivals. There will be a line for the interview. Dismissal from the company. Thrown out of the company. Incompetent employee. Disposable worker. Hire a worker. Temporary staff who sell cheaply. Leave the company. Quit business. To quit a job. He is sentenced to dismissal. Moved from the boss. Receive power harassment. Sales will decline due to the effects of the coronavirus. It affects your business. A person who collapses. A dull person. Returning from the interview. Lose a job.