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Robot | PC business | Desk work Machine | Instead of human | Office work Robot subordinates | Machines | Human bosses Robot apologizing to boss | Robot failing Machines that fail | Robots that apologize Waiting in line | Reception is robot | Machine is in charge Humans receiving explanations from robots | Interview venue reception Robots use violence against humans | Machine attacks Machines that attack humans | Robots hit humans Robots that manage computers | Managed by machines Robots working in factories | Machines working 24 hours a day Working Machines | Factory | Robots Work Work in the factory | Robot | AI technology Joint work of robots and machines | Work 24 hours a day Robot workers who won't complain | Working machines Efforts of many humans | Efforts of one robot | Equal Labor of several humans with one robot | Machine society Robot Ability | Human Ability | AI Technology Robots that operate machines | Robot employees without mistakes Robot that won't complain | Work silently Tired robot | Relaxing machine A society where robots are fluttering | Machines are our customers Robots are customers | Machine society | Relaxing robots Serious Employee Robot | Saboru Employee Employees who are not motivated | Robot employees who work silently Robots entering arbitration in fights | Humans arguing Robots that stop quarrels | Calm machines | Fights Humans who get angry with robots | Calm robots Everything is excellent | Robot employees | No humans required Human employees who cannot beat robots | Excellent machines Person who monitors the robot | Robot subordinates Working robot employees | Operate PCs | No mistakes Machines that work without mistakes | Robots that do clerical work Robot boss gives instructions to human subordinates Robots that direct work in factories | Human workers Robots that give instructions to humans | Work in factories Robot boss giving instructions | Human employees who follow Robot to command | Person to receive instruction | Company Robot employees of business partners | Shake hands with machines Talk with robots | Business with machines | Contract Robots working in warehouses | Easy to carry heavy luggage Hard work is okay | Robot employees | Working in a warehouse Reading robot | Learning function | Machine High five of robots and humans | Celebrate success Robot apologizing in Dogeza | Scolding person | Company Robot employee scolded by human boss | Dogeza A robot that feels good | People | Two people marching Judge is a robot | Judgment | Human conflict Robots bring a trial | Judgment comes down Robots that have acquired human society | Machine society