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Sea / summer vacation Beach volleyball Sea bathing / summer vacation Sea / sand beach Summer vacation / sea bathing Bon festival dance / festival Festival / Yukata Festival / night shop / goldfish scooping Festival / summer vacation Festival / Yukata Fireworks play Fireworks display Fireworks display / fireworks display Fireworks play Fireworks display / summer vacation Radio gymnastics Morning radio calisthenics Radio calisthenics / kids Radio calisthenics / grandma and kids Radio calisthenics / morning / summer vacation Prayer / Tanabata Tanzaku / Tanabata Milky Way / Tanabata Sasa / Prayer / Tanabata Bamboo tree Hiking / family Insect removal / camping Drive / family Camp / Women Fishing / camping Beer garden / banquet Drunk / Female Green soybeans / snacks Launch / Beer Garden draft beer Ranking / athletic meet Bag flying / athletic meet Cheer / Cheer Girl Bread eating competition Kakekko / Foot Race Respect for the Aged Thanks / Bouquet Respect for the Aged Day / Grandson Respect for the Aged / Grandson Respect for the Aged Day / Smiley Elderly Karaoke Tournament / Respect for the Aged Day Haunted / Ghost / Halloween Pumpkin / Haunted / Ghost Witch Family / Wizard Bats / Furumori Halloween night / castle Autumn / hiking Grape picking / grape Hiking / Autumn leaves trip Autumn for hiking / excursion Autumn leaves / autumn of vacation Soccer / exercise Running / foot race / children Badminton / Sports Sports competition / victory / trophy Basket / exercise / sports Labor Thanksgiving Day Labor Thanksgiving Day / Agriculture Labor Thanksgiving Day / Dad Labor Thanksgiving Day / Working People Farmer / Labor Thanksgiving Day Home / Scarecrow Rice harvest Farmer / rice / harvest Kakashi Farmer / woman Fallen leaves Autumn leaves-Kaede Cat and autumn leaves Kaede Autumn leaves-mountains Golf-Men Baseball-boys Gateball-Elderly Hula hoop-girl Dumbbells-Training Beaujolais Nouveau Glass wine Wine cooler Grape-Grape Wine-Beaujolais Nouveau Library-bookshelf Long Autumn Night-Reading Books and bookmarks Autumn reading Girl reading a book Draw-artist Boy drawing a picture Boy drawing a picture Girl drawing a picture Cartoonist-Manga artist Full moon night Smiley moon Full moon night-autumn equinox Tsukimi dumpling Night-Full moon-Rabbit