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Office building / condominium Buildings / condominiums / buildings House / detached house Detached house / house House / house / detached house Room for rent Rental apartment / room / couple Rental apartment / rental property Rental housing / apartment Rental Property / Rental Apartment Remodeled house Carpenter / Remodeled Remodeling / appearance / beauty Carpenter / Craftsman Remodeling company / architecture Clinic / teacher and nurse Hospital / teacher / nurse Nurses and children Influenza measures / injection to prevent colds Grandpa is fine and discharged Toothbrush / toothbrush Prout Air turbine Teeth / ha / smile Caries teeth / painful face Long-term care facility / family to visit Wheelchair Toilet / Grandfather Elderly Housing with Care / Welfare Facilities / Visiting Family Move by long-term care taxi Wheelchair / Kurumaisu Auto Service / Car Repair Shop Auto mechanic / auto service Car tires Auto mechanic / repair shop spanner Life insurance salesperson / sales lady Life insurance salesperson / sales man Car crash / hospitalization / life insurance Hospitalized for illness / life insurance Home fire / fire insurance Travel business handling manager / guide Travel by plane Family trip / commemorative photo Travel by ferry / luxury liner Honeymoon / Honeymoon Wedding planner Groom / bride / wedding Reception / Groom / Bride Bride and groom walking on Virgin Road Marriage venue / church Barber's pole / barber shop Razor / shave Shaving set Scissors / scissors Hair clippers Mirror / hand mirror Scissors / scissors Beauty salon / beauty salon / chair hairbrush Hairdryer Trimmer / female Hairdresser Female trimmer Veterinarian / Animal Doctor Animal Doctor / Veterinarian Become beautiful at the beauty treatment salon Aging care / skin measures Anti-aging effect / rejuvenation Esthetic / Cosmetic Surgery / Laser Hair Removal Aesthetic salon reception Gym teacher Fitness club teacher Gym / fitness club / exercise Cycling machine Treadmill Attorney teacher / court Six Codes Complete Book Gavel computer Court / court Borrowing of reform funds Borrowing independent funds Borrowing start-up funds Education / Borrowing Business funds / loans Cram school teacher Cram school / teacher / female Elementary school student / cram school High school student / cram school Qualification acquisition / study Launch at the beer hall Launch / Izakaya / Cheers Compa / Gokon / Izakaya Restaurant / chef Coffee shop / waitress / waiter Miss Kyaba / Kyabakura Bar employee / BAR Girls bar staff Hostess Kyabakura / Cabaret / Hostess