Illustrations that can be used with confidence even for free.

Commercial use OK. Illustrations that can be used for work.

Apple-apple Persimmon-Oyster Cherry-cherry peach Strawberries-Strawberries Watermelon-Watermelon Mandarin oranges-mandarin oranges Pear-None melon Grape-Grape Peach-peach Eggplant-eggplant Shiitake mushrooms Carrots-carrots Peppers-Capsicum Radish-radish green pepper Red bell pepper Potatoes-potatoes Bamboo shoots-bamboo shoots cabbage Onigiri-Omusubi Grip-rice balls Omusubi-Onigiri Nigiri Meshi-Omusubi Grilled rice cake Soft cream Popsicle ice cream Vanilla Icecream shaved ice cookie Candy-Ame-Candy Shortcake chocolate Lollipop candy Person icon-white People icon-white-smile People Icon-Pink-Smile People icon-light blue-smile People icon-black-smile Person icon-white Person icon-white-smile Person icon-yellow-smile Person icon-green-smile Person icon-black-smile Icon-People Icon-People-Smile Icon-People-Angry Icon-People-Sad Icon-People-Cheer Heavy truck Light truck Truck-Luggage Transport Truck-Transport Truck-Delivery Cars-Four-wheeled vehicles Car-Jidosha Car-Minivan Minivan-Car Private car bus Train-Train Yacht Bike-Two-wheeled tire forklift Delivery bike Bike-Two-wheeled Electric wheelchair wheelchair Nursing bed Walker-Hokoki Nursing toilet Wheelchair mark Denture cleaning agent Medicine-Capsule Medicine-medicine First aid box-box Syringe Intravenous-Tenki Antiseptic solution Cane-Stick-Stick ambulance electro-cardiogram Water pillow-Mizumakura Upper arm blood pressure monitor Thermometer Weight scale Stethoscope Weight scale in the bathhouse school bag Bag-Bag Eco bag rucksack Sports bag Safe-Kinko Kinko-Safe Wad of bills-Satsutaba surveillance camera Lock